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Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Most Uplifting Display of Sportsmanship I Have Ever Seen"

Writing for the Howard County Times, sports reporter Stan Ber says, "In last week's column I wrote that I was planning to attend the festival. However, I never expected in my wildest dreams to see some of the most uplifting displays of sportsmanship I have ever seen since I starting writing sports in 1971.

"I saw parents cheering their own team and the opponents and players high-fiving a player on the other team for a good play. Every goal, every goalie save, every good pass or shot was met by cheers from both sides.... Missing was the usual bitterness that we have all too often at sporting events for the able-bodied. One of the most uplifting moments came when coaches assisted players to the mouth of the goal so they could shoot and score. The goalies were obviously clued in to let the puck slide past and those youngsters who might otherwise never score came off the ice pumping their fists in the air. It brought tears to some eyes.

"Every so often I get the opportunity to see how athletes cope with their various disabilities. In this case, these young hockey players, their parents and coaches can teach the able bodied what true sports can be. We need to see this kind of athlete more."

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