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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Miss Virginia 2008, Tara Wheeler, Opens Military Games

Former Penn State goalie and Miss America Tara Wheeler sang the National Anthem on Saturday at two special games featuring soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the first, the USA Warriors sled team faced the San Antonio Rampage, another military team. In the second, the USA Warriors standing team played the Maryland Law (law enforcement officials) with Capitals alumni Joe Reekie, Sylvain Cote, and Gord Lane.

Writing in her blog for Comcast Sportsnet, Tara said, "Watching the guys warming up for the sled hockey game, many of them younger than I am, I thought about what these men sacrificed for me and our country and for the freedom of everyone in the world. I got choked up as I stepped onto the ice to sing the National Anthem but quickly pulled myself together. I owed these heroes the best performance I could give and it wouldn’t happen with a knot in my throat."

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