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Sunday, April 11, 2010

800 Players, 800 Stories. Here's One.

At 8 years old, Harrison is new to sled hockey. In fact, he's been playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins novice team for just a month and a half, and this tournament was the first time he had played on full ice and against another team. I had a chance to meet Harrison, his parents, and his coach at the team's last game of the festival this morning, against the Space Coast Hurricanes.

Harrison's mother, Michele, told me he got started after seeing sled hockey during an intermission at an NHL Penguins game. "He really wanted to be part of a team, so he could play and compete, and he really likes it.  He's just starting, but he does okay. He holds his own, even though he's younger than many of the other players." The opportunity to play in a national tournament for the first time "has been a big deal for him and the entire team."

Harrison's dad helps get him in his sled before the game.

Harrison with his mother and father.

After the first period, the Penguins trailed the older and more experienced Hurricanes 5-0 on the scoreboard, but anyone who was counting knew the actual goals against were in double digits. Here Coach Hadley Dean gives them a pep talk.

Harrison with Coach Hadley in the locker room after the game. After going 1-3 in his first tournament, Harrison told me, "The team was working hard and doing their best, and that's all I can ask of them."

Harrison receives his medal from festival director Mike Hickey.


  1. We are SO proud of Harrison. He will keep practicing and turn out to be a fabulous hockey player!! It was really interesting to learn about this tournament and it was fun to see all of the pictures of our classmate!
    Love, Room 102

  2. Congratulations Harrison! From your friend, Eliza

  3. We are so proud of you Harrison! From: Colleen, Meghan & Colin Kenny

  4. Wow, Harrison, you look fabulous in your hockey gear, I bet Mom and Dad are so proud of you. I am a huge hockey fan, it's such a fun game to watch.
    You're going to be such a good hockey player, I can tell you are really enjoying playing the game.
    God Bless You, Leslie Tancosh

  5. Way to go Harrison! Can't wait to see your medal! That is sooooo cool!
    Jim, Diana, Aidan, Calvin, and Lyla Walsh

  6. Way to go Harrison! It looked like fun! Loved seeing your pictures!
    Eliza's Nanny

  7. Hi Harrison! Wow - you look awesome in your hockey uniform! I can't believe how quickly you are growing up! We miss seeing you and your family every Sunday. Take care and God Bless! The Von Stein Family

  8. Go Harrison! We will post your picture on the screens at Sharon CHurch so everyone can be proud of you. We miss you and all of your family at Sharon Church.
    The Hamshers

  9. Harrison,

    I was so glad to see this article. Keep up the great work!

    Your old neighbor - Sherri

  10. Way to go, Harrison!
    I miss seeing you at Sharon Church.

    Megan Hamsher

  11. YOU GO Harrison!!! Loooooved the pictures :) How pro your team looks and congratulations on your medal!! We are sure you had a great time, you're the best! Mr. & Mrs. Engelmeier from WPC

  12. Rev. Roger P. HowardApril 15, 2010 at 10:57 AM

    Wow! Harrison, It's hard to believe I knew you when you were born, and now you're so handsome and grown up! We'll be praying for you as you continue to play hockey, and as you grow into a fine young man!
    Pastor Howard

  13. Way to go Harrison! Looks like you had a blast. You'll have to show us your medal. Your neighbors... Mr. and Mrs. Boring and Mitchell

  14. You are the BEST!! You don't even know it yet.

  15. Hi Harrison,

    I was so happy to hear about you from your Dad. He sent me all the news about you playing hockey. The pictures he sent me of you in your team uniform were outstanding, and the medal you won was like having icing on the cake. Keep playing and having fun. You are my hero! Love, Grandpa Burgess